In the last few months we have experienced an exceptional situation for which we have been called to react with unity, generosity and responsibility.

 But now we are going to live a new phase of restart where a bit of healthy optimism has to be a must!

During next summer, experts recommend to avoide crowded places and gtherings. Therefore the smaller destinations, the small villages and why not the Masserie in Puglia, could be the right compromise for next holidays.

Here in the family we are therefore convinced that at the time of Covid19 also Masseria Salinola can make a strong contribution to all those who need a period of absolute relaxation and for those is looking to leave behind the hard months just passed.

Our 11 rooms only, each of them with its own outdoor space, our internal restaurant, the chlorine swimming pool surrounded by greenery, the many outdoor spaces and daily activities. These are the strengths for a stay in total safety, in an intimate, familiar and discreet environment.

For this reason, here at Masseria Salinola we have reviewed some of our daily routines to be able to live this new phase serenely for a gradual return to the "new normal life".

We have therefore put in place all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the Staff and our Guests.

Check-in online: to avoid gatherings and queue at the reception it is necessary to carry out the check-in online procedure before arrival. 

We remain 1 meter far each other: at the moment we will give up our usual affectionate handshakes at check-in and our hugs at check-out. During your stay we will always respect a distance never less than 1 meter and we will avoid any kind of gathering inside the structure, even spacing the tables during each meal.

Personal hygiene of staff and guests: frequent hand washing is the most effective way to reduce the chances of infection. So we have increased the use of hand antibacterials with dispensers available both inside the rooms and in the common areas.

Personal protective equipment: all our staff are equipped with the necessary protective devices required by law that allow both to protect them and to avoid being a vector of contagion. During the handling of food, all kitchen staff is equipped with gloves and masks and the regular procedures laid down by the Haccp are performed.

Cleaning and access to common areas: we have increased the frequency of cleaning service in the common areas (reception, relaxation areas, door handles, common toilets, etc.) and we use hospital-type disinfectants. For the sake of all, access to the internal common spaces will only be allowed with the use of disposable gloves and a mask.

Room cleaning: when cleaning the room, our housekeepers will always wear a new pair of disposable gloves and a protective mask. At the departure of each Guest an accurate disinfection of all surfaces with chlorinated and alcohol-based detergents will be carried out. You will find in the room a protection mask for each of you.

Stay in the room
: in case of flu symptoms, cough or fever, access to the reception and internal common areas is forbidden. It will be necessary to stay in the room and contact the reception by phone which will offer the necessary assistance and will quickly implement the necessary procedures.

Travel insurance: Italy has universal national health care, free for everyone. In some cases, there may be a small copay for services, depending upon the care needed, but no one in Italy, resident or visitor, can be denied health care. If you believe you may have contracted Covid-19, DO NOT GO TO THE HOSPITAL or you may unwittingly spread the virus to others. Simply call the emergency numbers 1500 or 112 for assistance and information on how to proceed. Regardless, as for all travel, we suggest stipulating a travel insurance policy that covers health care and cancellations before departure.

Everyone's responsibility: cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough in case of coughing and sneezing or using the crease of your elbow. Never touching eyes, nose and mouth with your hands is very important. Guests who experience flu symptoms, simple colds and allergic rhinitis will be invited to wear the mask even in the most popular common areas.


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