Велосипедные экскурсии

Bike Tour in the countryside between ancient “Masserie”, “Trulli” and “Specchie”

Daniele, our amiable and enthusiastic guide, will guide you along ancient sheep tracks passing through Ostuni and Ceglie Messapica countryside, small country roads almost abandoned by the traffic and therefore become wonderful cycling routes where silence and beauty of the landscape reigns.

In our tour we will be constantly accompanied by massive stone walls, terraces and beautiful “trulli”, evidence of an ancient work of local farmers who over the years have transformed the woodlands and rocky in fertile hills full of olive groves , fruit trees and vineyards.
During the promenade, we’ll also stop to historical interesting points. We will discover the ancient architecture of the "Masserie fortified", ancient centers of production of agricultural activities in the past , when it needs impregnable strongholds from the raids of bandits and predators, and admire the mysterious charm of the "SPECCHIE " , monumental cone-shaped clusters , consisting by rocks and stones, built on top of high places and used in ancient times to dominate the surrounding area; we will be also enchanted to see a "CAVE ROCK " , evidence of ancient religious communities such as the Basilian monks who in 800 AD to escape from religious persecution, took refuge in our territories rich in caves.

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