In Argentina they talk "Salentino"! Masseria Salinola was been recommended by Lugares, the most important travel magazine of Argentina

The magazine Lugares, the most important travel magazine of Argentina, dedicated last January 2014 a special 10-page to "Puglia" and particularly to Salento area. 

In addition to the beautiful images, the article talks about Pizzica, the traditional apulian dancing, CookingPaper mache and Masserie with particular reference to the city of Lecce, Gallipoli and Otranto. The journalist Soledad Gil added two more milestones for those who come from so far away in Puglia, namely Ostuni and Alberobello

We obviously highlight the news with pride because the journalist decided to recommend our agriturismo in Ostuni, Masseria Salinola as place where to stay and where to go out for dinner! 

For those who want to learn more by opening the two attachments below you'll find the full article.

allegato : "Read the article about Salento, Puglia"

allegato : "Where to sleep in Ostuni, Puglia"

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